The Georgia Newborn Screening

Many parents wonder if the Georgia Newborn screening is really necessary.  They wonder: What is the risk that my child will have any of these conditions? Do I really want to put my child through the pain of a blood draw this early in life? Do I have to have the test done?  What are the signs and effects of the conditions being screened for?

To begin, the test is no longer called the “PKU test” (Phenylketonuria) this is because it is now possible to screen for more than just PKU.  The test is now known as the “Georgia Newborn screening”, it is collected the same way as the PKU, (a heel stick usually more than one to fill all those circles) however the test now screens for 29 disorders.  The screening includes testing for: 6 amino acid disorders, 2 endocrine disorders, 5 fatty acid oxidation disorders, 3 hemoglobin disorders, 9 organic acid conditions as well as 3 non categorized test (Biotinidase deficiency, classic Galactosemia and Cystic Fibrosis). The risk of your child having one of these conditions varies according to the disorder. The website listed below will allow you to select an information sheet on each individual disorder and read the risk (General and by ethnicity), the long term effects of the condition as well as the treatment, signs and symptoms.

The test is mandated by state law however if you have a religious objection you are allowed to sign an informed refusal form.


Trust your inner voice your body and the process of birth

All pregnant women have an inner voice an intuition so to speak that is working for the interest of your mental well being and protection of your baby and birth. It helps tell you what is needed and what is not needed.  The question is, how often is the voice truly heard?  Are others drowning out your inner voice, superseding what your body is directing you to do for your baby and yourself?    Do others implant fear in you that make you doubt that inner voice? Are you drowning out your inner voice due to the fear you’ve absorbed from others?

The fact is, YOU WERE DESIGNED TO GROW AND BIRTH YOUR BABY.  Your body will tell you when there’s something wrong and reassure you when all is well. You just have to quietly listen to what it says and act accordingly.

Fear causes a woman to drown out the voice.  Drugs make the voice unintelligible.  Epidurals remove the voice altogether by, disconnecting the mind from the body.  The wrong care provider supersedes the voice. Well-intentioned family members and friends crowd out the voice and ultimately replace it, with misdirection and misinformation.

So what is a woman to do? Seek knowledge, of your body and your pregnancy, from women and providers who encourage you to listen to your body and your inner voice to trust yourself and to trust birth.

Why “Dar A Luz”

Welcome to the first edition of the Dar A Luz WHS monthly newsletter.  Dar A Luz in Spanish translates literally as “give to light”. It is a common term used in certain areas of Mexico and South America to describe giving birth to a baby; women birth their babies into the light.  Dar A Luz chose this name because it aptly describes our view to overcoming the birth crises in America which is rapidly infecting other countries.
Providers have partnered with women in effort to shed light on the routine use of non-evidence based healthcare peddled out in U.S. hospitals. Women are choosing to arm themselves with the knowledge of evidence based research regarding their pregnancies, birth and best clinical practices. Knowledge is power! These empowered women no longer blindly follow the endless maze of unexplained care promoted by providers and hospital protocol. Instead, they carefully seek out healthcare providers who believe in physiologic birth, providers who give them more knowledge, and providers who partner with them as they make informed choices. Thus these women truly are giving birth in the light, the light of knowledge!

It is our mission to help every woman obtain the knowledge she needs to birth in the light!